Special Message from Bishop Keith

My brothers and sisters,

The events of last week are reminders to us of the fragile bonds that hold us together and they serve to bring us to our knees at the God of peace may establish himself as Lord over every community in our land. I am reminded of Jesus’ great commandment because of the power inherent in love to overcome great strife, injustice and deep grief. I have enclosed two prayers that I hope you might distribute to the members of your congregation if you have not already equipped them and called them to prayer.
I ask one thing more, and that is that you consider what one action you might take to bring Jesus into the tensions that exist in our culturally divided communities. To someone of another ethnicity you might ask, “How may I serve you?” And, to a law enforcement officer you might ask, “How may I pray for you?” Both questions allow Jesus, who is enthroned upon our hearts, a role in healing the nations who live and work in your community. Please join me in praying and working for peace and justice for all.
Your brother,